On the first (sometimes 2nd) Monday of every month, Sing for your Supper gives playwrights and actors–even those with little to no experience–a chance to meet each other, share ideas and workshop new scripts before an audience of their peers.

All are welcome to participate. FREE ADMISSION.

Script submissions will be selected over the preceding month by our tireless curator, Marissa Heintzman, and the evening will be hosted by our incomparable hosts, Kat Letwin and Cam Wyllie,

Monday, November 6th
Location: The Assembly Theatre, 1479 Queen St. West
*NOTE: This not a fully accessible venue. There are stairs leading down to the theatre.

Friday, November 3rd

If you wish to submit a play: please send it to the address above. *NOTE: Submissions should be around 10 pages long, so if you are working on a full length play please choose an excerpt! This cold reading series is a unique opportunity for writers to have their work read in a new light, with no pressure or expectations. We try our darnedest to fit as many pieces into our line up as we can! If, for some reason, your piece does not make the line up this month, we still encourage you to come down to support your fellow artists, and to continue submitting to future SFYS.

If you wish to perform: Sign up for performers begins at 7pm sharp. No experience required. Each scene is blind-casted on a first come-first serve basis. You will have an hour to go over the scene with your scene partners before the show begins! This allows everyone enough time to get acquainted with the script and introduce themselves to one and other in a very casual, collaborative and creative environment.

If you wish to observe: All are welcome! Show begins at 8 pm, but feel free to come early, mingle, grab a drink. We are all one, big, supportive, welcoming community here. And hey, its free theatre! Patrons are then encouraged to interact with the writers, actors, fellow audience members and guest moderators from the Toronto theatre community where they can then discuss, face to face, what they experienced.