Storefront Solo Sessions

Sedina Fiati

WEEK 1 – DEC 8 – DEC 11, 2016       WEEK 2 – DEC 15 – DEC 18, 2016

 $15 single ticket    2 play pass $25    4 play pass $40

The Storefront Theatre will debut its inaugural SOLO SESSIONS starting Dec 8th running through to Dec 18th. Recognizing the immense talent and variety of solo show artists in Toronto, The Storefront along with Toronto Theatre officiando Derrick Chua, have curated a selection of eight solo pieces that focus on the little known stories with extraordinary heart.  Get your tickets! These shows will sell out fast!



Body So Fluorescent written by David di Giovanni performed by Amanda Cordner

Dec 15 7PM, Dec 17 9PM, Dec 18 5PM

Charisma Furs created by Katie Sly and Jonathan Seinen, performed by Katie Sly

Dec 15 9PM, Dec 17 2PM, Dec 18 7PM  

A Very Leila Christmas written and performed by Izad Etemadi

Dec 16 7PM, Dec 17 5PM, Dec 18 2PM

Heart of Winter written by Tim Connor & Lia Buddle, performed by Jessica Sherman

Dec 16 9PM, Dec 17 7PM, Dec 18 9PM

Ghost Light written and performed by Shawn Wright

Held over from Week 1 due to popular demand!

Dec 16 5pm (sold out online, limited tickets available at the door), Dec 19 8pm(sold out online, limited tickets available at the door), Dec 20 8pm



Harmonium written and performed by Debashis Sinha

Dec 8 7PM, Dec 10, 5PM, Dec 11 2PM


In Case We Stay written and performed by Vanessa Smythe

Dec 9 7PM, Dec 10 9PM, Dec 11 5PM

“Friend” “Like” #Me written by Gavin Crawford and Kyle Tingley, performed by Gavin Crawford

Dec 9 9PM, Dec 10 7PM, Dec 11 9PM