Image of mermaid with a gold, green and red border. Ganga's Ganja image.

Ganga’s Ganja

Sedina Fiati

Red Betty and The G Girls presents
Ganga’s Ganja, a play by Radha S. Menon

A tale of two sisters, medical marijuana and a snake.
with the generous support of The Storefront Theatre

Set in the near future, living in complete isolation, Ganga cares for her sister Mena who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. Mena has renounced her previous pharmaceutical care regime and uses cannabis medicinally to ease her debilitating symptoms. Ganga self medicates and uses sex to blot out guilt and loneliness. A fast-talking interloper stumbles into their world and their weed crop is stolen- thrusting the sisters onto a path of no return

Please note that the April 22 performance of Ganga’s Ganja is cancelled.


Amanda De Freitas
Pam Patel
Jesse Horvath
Senjuti Aurora Sarker

Creative Team
Jennie Esdale – Director
Radha Menon – Playwright / Producer
Maddie Bautista – Sound Design
Tony Sciara – Set design
Tula Tusox – Costume design

Red Betty Theatre & The G Girls

Red Betty Theatre and the G Girls have consistently championed new writing by diverse women, with the intention of reflecting rare voices and experiences through a cultural and Canadian lens including plays Rukmini’s Gold (winner of Toronto Fringe new play contest 2015) and crowd pleasing Rise of the Prickly Pear and The Washing Machine.We believe in theatre that considers difficult, international and cultural issues, and by providing space through our productions we provide the diverse communities a safe space to convene, share stories and be entertained. established a reputation in Ontario for creating theatre that takes audiences on unpredictable journeys that inspire, excite and intrigue. Our theatre productions have been critically acclaimed and included in Hamilton’s View Magazine’s yearly Best Of Theatre column every year since 2012 to the present.