Feminist Fuck It Festival

Sedina Fiati

The Storefront Theatre is proud to present Feminist Fuck It Festival, a celebration of feminism and women centred art, April 11 – 22, 2018.

Feminism has moved the f*ck up to the front lines of social debate. We are now in the age of third wave feminism, heralding the values of intersectionality and encouraging dialogues that embrace multiple layers of experience. We are asking the central questions; how can women (both trans and cis) lead lives that are free from violence and where are our minds, bodies and souls valued?

Join us as we present Ganga’s Ganja by Rahda Menon (Rukmini’s Gold, Fringe Toronto Best New Play) and various acts, art and workshops. More info to come, but get ready for an in your face, unapologetic feminist celebration.