Claire Burns

Nov. 12/16 – Nov. 26/16 (Extended to Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2016!)

Soulpepper Presents: Chasse-Galerie
Produced by Kabin + The Storefront Theatre

Climb aboard Chasse-Galerie! Based on one of Canada’s most beloved folk tales, the Dora Award and Toronto Theatre Critics’ Award-winning musical Chasse-Galerie follows the adventures of four coureuses des bois stuck deep in the Québec forest on New Year’s Eve. The four woods-women, pining for warmth and their loved ones, strike a deal with a mysterious stranger who offers to enchant their canoe to fly back to Montreal. The catch: make it back before dawn, or pay the devil’s price. The indie hit of last year’s holiday theatre season at The Storefront Theatre, Chasse-Galerie has been reimagined for a November mainstage run at Soulpepper.

**Warning: Mature Content**

Featuring: Ghazal Azarbad, Tess Benger, Hunter Cardinal, Mike Cox, Kat Letwin, Nicole Power, Tyrone Savage, Shaina Silver-Baird, James Smith and Alicia Toner; and musicians Justin Han and Jason O’Brien.

Book adapted by: Tyrone Savage
Music and Lyrics by: James Smith
Original book created by: Sam Al Esai, Tess Benger, Daniel Briere, Nathan Carroll, Michael Cox, Kat Letwin, Emma Mackenzie Hillier, Chris Murray, Dana Puddicombe, Heath V. Salazar, Tyrone Savage, Shaina Silver-Baird, James Smith, Alicia Toner, Jonah Widdifield.
Original dramaturgy by: Emma Mackenzie Hillier.

Director: Tyrone Savage Asst Director: Janet Laine-Green
Musical Director: James Smith
Choreographer: Ashleigh Powell
Stage Manager: Kate Porter
Assistant Stage Manager: Liesl Low
Set Designer & Prop Design: Lindsay Dagger Junkin, Asst Scenic Designer: John Leberg
Costume Designer: Holly Lloyd
Lighting Designer: Melissa Joakim
Sound Designer: Andre Stankovic
Projections and Puppetry: Daniel Briere
Producers – Kabin: Katherine Rawlinson & Alan Kliffer
Producer – The Storefront Theatre: Claire Burns
Associate Producer – The Storefront Theatre: Sonia Vaillant
Marketing + PR – The Storefront Theatre: Karen Knox

Tickets for Chasse-Galerie range from $25 to $50.

In celebration of Soulpepper’s 20th Anniversary Season, ArtsWorker and StagePlay (under 30) tickets are now available for only $20, conditions apply.

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