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Our Fund What You Can Campaign has a variety of perks which include but are not limited to acknowledgement in our program, tickets to the show and invites to our opening night party.  Conversely you can also purchase a Pay What You Decide ticket from the SummerWorks website where you can ensure that a large portion of the ticket price will go back to the project.


Water is Life. In Canada today most of us have a distant relationship with the resource that we use every day, we take for granted that clean water comes out of our taps without asking where does our water come from? How does it get to us? And how much is left? As Canadians in particular we hold the belief that we are a country rich in fresh water. However our fresh water hasn’t been tested since the 1960s and with recent federal cuts to the environmental protection act more fresh water ecosystems are at risk of contamination. As corporations commodify water and sell it back to municipalities at a higher cost, package it into plastic bottles and sell it to the masses, rural communities still lack access to safe drinking water. A sustainable conservationist approach to water management and access is desperately needed before it’s too late.

By partnering DIVINE with the World Wildlife Fund’s Freshwater Program and the Wellington Water Watchers the NGO on the ground fighting the Nestle pumps in Wellington County- we hope to bring greater audience awareness to the important cause of water rights.

photo by John Gundy

video by GMT Pictures




Storefrontier – $10

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Water Watcher  – $25

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Water Steward – $50

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Water Carrier – $100

Receive all of the above benefits +2 tickets to any performance and 2 tickets to our State of the Great Lakes Talk

Water Diviner – $500

All of the above benefits +meet and greet with the cast and creative team

Spirit of Water – $1000

All of the above benefits plus access to a rehearsal of Divine

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