SFT’s Break it Forward Challenge


All the money you donate will help to keep the Storefront Theatre up and KICKING through 2017! With a banner year behind it, the Storefront Theatre 2017’s Winter Season is all about starting a riot. Whether we’re screaming from the rooftops for water sustainability, crusading for forbidden love, or turning a historical masterpiece on its F#$%ing head, this season the Storefront stage is embracing anarchy and naughtiness to see what we can get away with. 

Here at the SFT we value community, and this year our Holidaze Campaign features a fun way for you to give back to YOUR community as well! 

2 Ways to play the Break It Forward Challenge:

Donate to the storefront through this campaign then nominate a really hard working friend, family member or colleague to TAKE A BREAK. Make a vid of yourself taking a break, nominate them in the vid, then tag them on Facebook and include our #sftbreakitforward hashtag!

Get nominated by a friend to TAKE A BREAK! Donate to the campaign then create your own BREAK video and Break it Forward to a really hard working friend, family member or colleague. Remember to tag them in your video and don’t forget to include our #sftbreakitforward hashtag!

In the spirit of the season let’s acknowledge and recognize those in our lives who give so much! 


Throughout our season we seek donations for artist fees, production costs, subsidized rental rates for our collectives and administrative costs. Please consider donating to our annual fundraising campaign and contribute to a new job market and artistic labour force here at the Storefront Arts Initiative.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR STOREFRONTIERS FOR HELPING US ACHIEVE OUR $10,000.00 GOAL! Stay tuned for further announcements on our big plans as we move on up in the 6ix!


At the Storefront Theatre we bring the NOISE, but as respectful members of the Bloorcourt community, we need to ensure we can continue to rock out, without disturbing our neighbours. In order to ensure a continued lease at our 955 Bloor Street West location, we are required to complete the soundproofing of our theatre by the fall of 2016. Help the Storefront keep it’s home and join the cause as a Storefrontier today! Your contribution no matter the size helps to ensure the continued growth of Toronto’s hottest theatre talent.



Cast Your Role Become a Storefrontier!

Ensemble ($20+),
Ingenue ($200-$499),
Leading Lady/Man ($500-$999), and
Star of the Stage ($1000+)

Ensemble ($20+)

Recognition on www.thestorefronttheatre.com, and
public kudos with a social media shout-out!


Ingenue ($200-$499)

Recognition on www.thestorefronttheatre.com,
Your name on our donor list in the lobby at the Storefront Theatre,
and two tickets to the opening night of your choice with reserved seating!


Leading Lady/Man ($500-$999)

Recognition on www.thestorefronttheatre.com,
your name on our donor list in the lobby at the Storefront Theatre, and
four tickets to an opening night of your choice with reserved seating!


Star of the Stage ($1000+)

Recognition on www.thestorefronttheatre.com,
your name on our donor list in the lobby at the Storefront Theatre, and
a pair of Season’s Tickets with reserved seating!



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Questions or inquiries? Please email: CLAIREB@THESTOREFRONTTHEATRE.COM